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Island Fin Poke Co. Spreads the Poke Love on International Poke Day with an IncrediBOWL Offer


ORLANDO, Fla. --The poké craze is sweeping the nation, and Island Fin Poké Co. is taking the lead in celebrating this beloved Hawaiian dish on International Poké Day this Thursday, September 28th. As America's favorite poké destination, Island Fin Poké Co. is thrilled to announce an IncrediBOWL offer that will make this day truly special: Buy One Poké Bowl, Get One 50% Off!

Island Fin Poké Co. has earned its reputation through an unwavering commitment to excellence and an authentic passion for poké. Renowned for its Hawaiian-style poké bowls, customized to satisfy every palate, Island Fin offers more than just a meal; it offers a lifestyle built on the values of family and community. This International Poké Day promotion is designed to be shared with friends and loved ones, echoing the brand's philosophy of Ohana, and to give their guests an invitation to partake in an IncrediBOWL experience where they can savor the finest poké bowls with the people who matter most.

Mark Setterington, CEO and founder of Island Fin Poké Co., shares his excitement for the event, stating, "On International Poké Day, we're not just serving poké; we're serving an experience that transports you to the shores of Hawaii with every bowl. It's a day when we share our passion for poké with friends and your Ohana, celebrate our commitment to the freshness of our poké and our dedication to our community. So, join us, and together, we can experience bold and exciting flavors in every single delicious bite."

At every Island Fin Poké Co. location, guests are treated to a multi-sensory journey. Each poké bowl is meticulously crafted by the dedicated team members to cater to individual preferences. The menu has an array of eight protein options, including chicken, tofu, spam and traditional fish choices, such as the freshest boat-to-bowl tuna, salmon, shrimp and octopus. Most importantly, senses are heightened with the incredibly fresh combinations of flavors of poké, toppings, mix-ins and handcrafted sauces in every flavorful bite.

Island Fin Poké Co. distinguishes itself with a unique dining experience, free from trash cans or dining trays in the dining room. Team members serve each guest's food and clear empty dishes and trash at the end of every meal, creating a truly memorable dining experience. The brand is also proud to offer a wide range of gluten-free options to accommodate various dietary preferences.

Because their poké bowls are paramount in freshness, flavor and ingredients, the brand has been recognized and celebrated through several noteworthy awards over the last six years. Most recently, they are ranked #29 on the 2023 Top New & Emerging Franchises list by Entrepreneur Magazine, a leading online franchise publication, and they were recognized as a top 100 Game Changer for 2022 by Franchise Dictionary Magazine. To be recognized, the brand had to fulfill an assortment of criteria, including impressing millennials, making an impact, serving their community, creating an opportunity for aspiring entrepreneurs and filling a niche.

Island Fin Poké Co. invites all to celebrate this exciting Poké Day with this Buy One, Get One 50% Off promotion on September 28. It promises an incredible dining experience, bringing the heart of the islands to each and every guest.

For more information, visit Island Fin Poké Co.'s website at www.IslandFinPoke.com or contact Bianca Kasawdish for media inquiries at Bianca@TeamInnoVision.com.

About Island Fin Poké Co.

Island Fin Poké Co. is a Florida-based fast-casual concept known for its Hawaiian-style build-your-own poké bowls. From farm-to-fork, the brand uses the freshest ingredients to bring traditional flavors from the islands to local communities nationwide. Founded in 2017, Island Fin Poké Co. has 28 locations open, with numerous others in various stages of development. Island Fin Poké Co. was ranked #29 on the 2023 Top New & Emerging Franchises list by Entrepreneur Magazine, listed in Fast Casual's 2023 Top Movers & Shakers list, and recognized as a Top 100 Game Changer for 2022 by Franchise Dictionary Magazine. For more information, or if interested in joining the brand's Ohana, please visit https://www.IslandFinPoke.com/.

SOURCE Island Fin Poké Co.