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FranServe, Inc.

  • Affiliation Fee: $24,900
  • Royalty: 5% on the first 200K in fees earned per year
  • Cash Investment: $24,900
  • Total Investment: $24,900 - $24,900
  • Founded: 2012
  • Franchised:

Partner with the Best Company
in a Growing Industry!

FranServe, Inc. is a group of dedicated, highly experienced franchise industry professionals who will train and support you plus provide all the tools you will need to enter the lucrative field of Franchise Consulting.

FranServe Consultants build a lucrative business by placing their clients into franchises by mentoring and coaching them through the franchise selection, evaluation and buying process as well as helping them access the capital to own and operate that franchise.

“Starting my own Franchise Consulting business is the best decision I have ever made! I enjoy helping people choose the right franchise, I have a flexible schedule and I receive very high fees for my service. I joined FranServe because they have a huge portfolio of franchises, a terrific training and support program, continuing education, a strong reputation in the industry and state-of the-art software to help me run my business. This is a great business in a growing industry." - Vicktoria White, Atlanta, GA

No previous franchise experience is necessary to be successful in this business. The ideal consultant is someone who has good communication skills, a strong desire to help others, the ability to manage business relationships, and the willingness to learn and follow a proven system.

“In the time that I've been working with FRANSERVE, I've found that the level of professionalism on the part of their Franchise Consultants has been elevated over that of the other organizations. Clearly the training they receive is top notch." Dan Durney, VP Franchise Development - IslandTime Treasures

Here are some of the benefits that set FranServe apart:

  • Largest and best quality franchise portfolio in the industry
  • Best training and support team (over 100 years of combined experience)
  • Only company in the industry with a new consultant three-phase training and support program
  • Only company in the industry providing over 160 hours per year of continuing education
  • Only company in the industry with individual & team mentoring for an entire year
  • Best online tools, including the only customized client management system in the industry plus industry leading franchise matching technology
  • Best quality advertising program in the industry
  • The most marketing options in the industry providing increased lead generation capabilities
  • Free personalized marketing website, including free hosting and maintenance

Simply put, if you want to be the best, you need to be trained and supported by the best!

Other benefits of the FranServe program include:

  • Home based business model provides increased profits
  • Multiple income streams and high net margins make this a fantastic, low risk, low cost investment
  • Flexibility to work part-time or full-time
  • Realistic six figure income potential
  • Clients provided (no cold calling or selling required)
  • No prior experience necessary
  • A total investment of only $24,900
  • Money-back guarantee
  • Return on investment with just 1 or 2 transactions
  • High demand, high growth, recession-resistant industry
  • Very low overhead

There is a significant demand for Franchise Consulting, and it's growing every year. In the last five years alone the percent of people who worked with a Franchise Consultant to buy a franchise has grown from 5% to 40%. That's almost 800% growth in our industry! We don't know of any industry that has experienced that level of growth, and the International Franchise Association (IFA) predicts that number will grow to 70% in just a few years.

Franchise Consulting is also recession-resistant - this business actually performs better in a slow economy because downsizing drives people to franchise ownership.

At only $24,900, the investment is far less than is required to become a successful consultant in any other field, and yet this business offers very high income potential, with fees earned as high as $65,000 for a single transaction.

"I have been a FranServe Consultant for just a few months and I've already placed my first client in a franchise! The training is incredibly thorough and is much more intensive than I had imagined and is really helping to develop me into a consultant with real value. I very much appreciate the opportunity to be part of the FranServe network and I look forward to continuing to learn and develop my craft as a franchise consultant." - Tony Beaman, Hayward, CA

For $24,900 complete, we provide a professional business, ready to run, with the FranServe team standing with you every step of the way!

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